First Time in Brazil?

Coming to Brazil and need local support and translation for your meetings? 

For small events, meetings, or technical visits to factories and companies in Brazil, we provide consecutive translations. In this method, one interpreter translates what the speaker says, ensuring clarity and accuracy. This process is termed "consecutive" because there is no simultaneous speaking; the speaker communicates, while the interpreter listens, and then renders the translation. 

Consecutive translation is well-suited for short events or gatherings where distributing receivers may prove challenging due to crowd size. Nonetheless, simultaneous translation remains the optimal choice for ensuring seamless communication flow and audience engagement.

Greetings, I'm Claudia, with 25 years of dedicated experience supporting companies in their communication endeavors with Brazil working as a consecutive translator and interpreter in Brazil.

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We speak ENG - ITA - SPA - FRE - POR

How We Can Assist You?

Home Finding

Family Concierge

City Guide

Tourism Concierge


Real Estate


Home Finding & ShortStay

Finding a home in Brazil sometimes can be a difficult task as the majority of Brazilians do not speak another language than Portuguese. Tell us what you need and where, we go for it and we will meet your deadlines with precise and timely feedback. 

Family Concierge

Sometimes getting used to the right professionals to assist the family can be tricky if you are not used to the local culture and language. Services such as:

Tourism Concierge

Would you like to visit the main hot spots of São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro? Or another city in Brazil?


Planning to start up your business in Brazil or immigrating? Our group of associated lawyers can assist you with:

Real Estate

If you are planning to invest on a property in Brazil, let us know what you are looking for. Our team is certified and authorized to work as realtors. We proceed due diligence within our legal team to ensure you the best experience and safety on your buying process. 

Real Estate Certified.  CRECI 208.435F-SP


New challenges mean new experiences.

Turnkey Relocation Solutions

Share your plans, we help you to make it happen in Brazil.

Concise Communication

On Demand. Precise. Always.

Doing Business with Brazil

Doing business with Brazil can be easier with a good planning. We assist on setting a company in Brazil with associated partners with on demand solutions.

Brazilian Art

Rich of colours and influences, Brazilian art is based on a culture melt pot.

Tourism in Brazil

Is not only about Rio. It's about Brazil. Go beyond.

Religious Tourism

Brazil is a nation of all religions: from African and indigenous roots to buddhist influences.

More than a country. A continent of cultures.

One single language of different Nations. One single country.