A Bit About Sao Paulo

A Country into a City

São Paulo at a Glance

Jardins Area

Working in Sao Paulo

Brazil is the world’s emerging economic powerhouse. Not only Sao Paulo is the largest city in Brazil but also the wealthiest. It is the financial center of the country with a booming economy. No wonder this thriving metropolis has been rapidly expanding, drawing people from all over the world. Being the industrial and commercial center of Brazil makes Sao Paulo a great place to succeed in the business world.

Living in Sao Paulo is not Cheap

A common misconception about Latin America is that the cost of living is low. That might have been true in the past, but times have changed. The cost of living in Brazil is pretty high. Before deciding to move to Sao Paulo, make sure you can afford it with your income. Like everything else, housing in Sao Paulo is quite expensive, and finding a home in a good neighborhood is not that simple. The prices in major Brazilian cities are as high as those in major world capitals while the choice and quality of products are far behind. The increase on prices is partially related to high taxes.

Vila Nova Conceição Area

Good healthcare and education are available but…

Sao Paulo has recently become a medical tourism destination. However, only private medical insurance guarantees good medical care. Expat children can attend free public schools: parents usually choose one of many international schools after moving to Sao Paulo. International schools are good but expensive.

Choose your neighborhood wisely when moving to Sao Paulo

Before you call long distance movers Brazil and set sail, you need to find a place to live. In order to avoid spending an eternity in traffic, try to find a home as close to work as possible.

We know this is easier said than done, but it would make your life so much easier. When it comes to neighborhoods, the choice is wide – from high-end to barely livable.

View from Ibirapuera Park

These are some of the most popular are the following ones:

Jardins: highly desirable, upscale neighborhoods with low rise housing. They are located southwest of the center, close to a fancy shopping street and an important business district.

Downtown: full of older buildings and bigger renovated apartments, regaining popularity.

Pinheiros: the most bohemian neighborhood with great gastronomy.

Higienopolis: famous for Modernist architecture and traditional old houses.

Vila Madalena: this is a gorgeous, artsy and traditionally bohemian neighborhood, famous for its cafes, pubs, musical environment and arts places.

Itaim Bibi and Vila Nova Conceição: here we have high to high-middle-class neighborhoods located in the Southern part of Sao Paulo, full of high-rise apartments very popular amongst finances and investors profiles where basically everything can be done around home and walking distance to the biggest park of the city: the Ibirapuera.